Right now!

Right now are we developing an iPhone app for a company here in Sundsvall.

We are doing the programming for a iPhone game for a local company.

We do

We develop games, apps and software on a wide range of platforms both inhouse and by outsourcing

  1. PC and Mac
  2. iPhone/ iPad, Android and Windows Phone
  3. Gaming consoles
  4. Web - applications, casual and social gaming

We are

The team concists of a highly skilled and experienced group of people. We work by the motto to always give the little extra for perfection. We work with all aspects of development including idea, concept, design and programming.


Ouch Games won the first prize in the Swedish Game Awards 2009! With the game Carpet Wrestling we won in the category “Best Innovation”.

“This year’s most odd and fun idea uses common technology in a innovative way”

Who are Ouch Games?

Ouch Games is a Swedish software development company based in Sundsvall. We develop games and applications for a wide range of platforms ranging from PC/Mac, smartphones and consoles. One of our in-house game productions has won the reward “Best innovation” by Swedish Game Awards 2009.

If you have an idea for a game or an application don’t hesitate to contact us!

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